Madha Hospital  & College

Madha Hospital with its multi-specialty units and a team of highly dedicated and committed doctors in different area of expertise renders remarkable service at Thandalam, Near Kovoor. The entire team reaches the people in and around the area towards creating awareness on healthy and hygienic way of living. Also they have conducted several camps for the people in nearby villages with the aid of the Founder and Chairman of Loordhu Ammal Trust. Under the aegis of the Founder and Chairman, the Madha Hospital provides free treatment and medication for the poor people. In order to facilitate the people, hospital is operated 24/7 with its full-fledged facility and trained nurses along with a team of doctors. The Madha hospital is attached with all sorts of facility namely X-ray unit, Scan Centre, Diagnosis lab etc which enables the people to avail all the facility under one roof.